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Fridge Organization Tips

Your appliances are a major part of your daily life. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to function. But one of the most important appliances—perhaps the most important—is your fridge. A fridge is crucial, especially if you like to cook. Without your fridge, how would you have access to perishables daily? You wouldn’t be able to purchase things like meat, eggs, milk, cheese, veggies, and fruits to keep them on hand for daily use. This crucial appliance is a must-have in any American household. So naturally, it is important to take care of your fridge. The best way to do that is by practicing good fridge organization. Check out our blog to learn all of the fridge organization tips that you need to know! 

Why Is Fridge Organization Important? 

You might be thinking, “What’s so important about fridge organization? It can’t make much difference in how well my appliance runs.” Well, that’s not true. Keeping your fridge organized does actually impact the health and performance of your appliance. When you overstuff and crowd your fridge, you may block parts of the ventilation system that keeps everything cool. This may result in your fridge not keeping food cold. Thus, fridge organization is an important part of maintaining your appliance. 

5 Tips For Fridge Organization 

Now you know why you should invest in organizing your appliance’s contents. But that information isn’t useful if you don’t know how to do so. So check out our top five fridge organization tips below! 

1. Arrange Foods Based On Zones

Not every part of your fridge is the same temperature. Your fridge doors and top shelf are the warmest areas. Then from the middle on, the areas keep getting cooler. Thus, it is best to keep items like meat on the lower shelves, while dairy can go on the upper shelves and condiments can go on the doors. Also, your crisper exists for a reason! Use it to store your fruits and vegetables so they stay fresh for a longer amount of time. 

2. Make Sure Your Fruits and Veggies Are Stored Separately 

Fruits and veggies should not be stored in the same area. Some fruits release gasses, and these gasses can cause your vegetables to deteriorate quickly. Thus, you should invest in some divided drawers for your crisper. 

A fridge full of fruits and veggies that has been arranged using fridge organization tips

3. Invest In Quality Organization Products 

Having designated areas for everything is the best way to keep up with fridge organization and ensure each type of perishable product has its own place. Plastic pantry organizer bins can easily be repurposed and rearranged in your fridge to create the perfect environment. You can also invest in stackable food storage containers, a rotating storage unit for sauces, and special bins for your produce. You can find all of these items by searching through Amazon. 

4. Get Liners

Have you ever gone to get a nice slab of meat from your fridge, only to lift it up and see an enormous puddle of bacteria-laden juice or blood? Yuck! It is important to keep your fridge clean and sanitary. Thus, make sure that you use ribbed fridge liners to prevent your actual shelves from becoming contaminated. These are easy to remove and clean. 

5. Be Self-Controlled With Purchasing Food 

Do you tend to bulk buy? That’s fine. But you may need more than one refrigerator if you are going to do so. If you end up putting too much in your fridge, you’re going to run into issues with how your appliance functions. Try your best to control your purchases, and only buy what you know will fit in the fridge. You should keep your fridge three-quarters full and never go past that number. 

We Work With Fridges! 

Hopefully, you are now dedicated to keeping your appliance organized. It is important to be responsible as a homeowner and make sure that everything in your home is in peak condition. But sometimes, no matter how good you are at caring for your appliances, things still go wrong. If that’s the case with your fridge, don’t worry. Our team is here to help you with your maintenance and repair needs. Contact our team at Appliance Repair Kingwood for the best services around! 

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