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Why Your Dishwasher Is Making A Loud Noise

Washing dishes can be a therapeutic process for some, and an abhorrent process for everyone else. If you loathe washing dishes then a dishwasher is a match made in heaven for you. A dishwasher makes the dishwashing process go by easily. This is the safest way for washing dishes since it eliminates the chance that you will harm yourself or drop the dishes because of their slipperiness. This method also helps you save time and water.

However, if you have recently noticed that your dishwasher is abnormally louder than usual, then you might want to transition back to handwashing your dishes. This noise can be grating and make you want to throw out the machine altogether. Instead of doing that, check out this blog to learn why your dishwasher is making a loud noise. We will do our best to get to the root of this problem and show you how to fix it. Continue reading for the help you need.

Why Your Dishwasher Is Making A Loud Noise

Why Your Dishwasher Is Making A Loud Noise

There are many potential reasons why your dishwasher is making a loud noise. To get to the root of the issue, see which of the following problems sounds most familiar to your circumstances.

Circulation Pump

Your dishwasher’s circulation pump motor bearings may be damaged if you’ve been hearing a screeching or grinding noise whenever it runs. This pump could be worn-out, which is why it has been malfunctioning. To solve this issue, you will have to install a new circulation pump.

Drain Pump

The drain pump removes water from the tub after each wash cycle. It will eventually wear out if it is clogged with pieces of food. If this is the problem, you will hear grinding or scraping sounds. You might need to replace the drain pump or clean the drain pump to resolve the issue.

Pump Impeller

A dishwasher depends on the pump impeller to force water through the spray arm. However, this will no longer be the case if you’ve been hearing a scraping and squeaking sound. This sound most likely means your impeller has become damaged from a blockage. If this is the problem, you must take off the kickplate in order to access the pump. This will enable you to remove any debris and see whether or not your impeller needs to be replaced.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve lets water into the dishwasher from your water supply. This part will gradually deteriorate over time, causing a buzzing sound. This issue can become especially problematic when it fills the dishwasher at the beginning of the cycle. You won’t be able to repair this easily, so it is advised to replace the valve.

Drain Valve Solenoid

Hearing a buzzing sound might not mean you have an issue with your water inlet valve. You could be having a problem with your drain valve solenoid. This part opens the drain valve and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. If the solenoid fails, you will hear a strange buzzing sound. This is a sign that the solenoid should be replaced, along with other parts like the actuator lever.

Why Your Dishwasher Is Making A Loud Noise

Call Appliance Repair Kingwood

With the help of this blog post, hopefully, you now know why your dishwasher is making a loud noise. Even though there may be additional causes for your issue, such as stacking your dishes incorrectly, calling Appliance Repair Kingwood is your best option if you need help. We have the experts to provide you with the help you deserve and the repair services your dishwasher so desperately needs. So call our team as soon as you can to solve this matter in no time.

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