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How To Choose Kitchen Appliances

One of the most important parts of any home is the kitchen. This is where meals are made and where you and your loved ones come together to cook and commiserate. Of course, no kitchen is complete without the necessary appliances. The six kitchen appliances required for every kitchen are an oven, stove, fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. However, when it comes to obtaining these items, it’s important to know how to choose kitchen appliances that will work best for your home.

How To Choose Kitchen Appliances: 3 Major Considerations

Concerning how to choose kitchen appliances, there are three factors you need to consider: the brands, lifespan, and maintenance requirements for each appliance.

Find The Right Brand(s) For You

The first thing you want to consider when deciding how to choose kitchen appliances is what brand or brands you think are best for you. There are plenty of kitchen appliance brands from which you can choose. For stoves and ovens, as well as fridges and freezers, you’ll want to use the same brand for consistency. While you don’t necessarily need to use the same brand for microwaves and dishwashers, you want to try to maintain some consistency where kitchen appliances are concerned. However, finding the right brand comes down to what the brands can offer your kitchen and if you think they are the best ones to use.

What Is The Average Lifespan?

Speaking of brands, the lifespan of a kitchen appliance can also vary from one brand to another. Even so, knowing the average lifespan of each appliance will help you determine from which brand you should purchase each of your major kitchen appliances.

Oven And Stove

The average lifespan of your oven will ultimately depend on the type of oven you install. The two types of ovens in most households are either convection or conventional ovens. Convection ovens keep air circulating with an exhaust system and fan. A conventional oven, on the other hand, keeps the air heated inside the oven. There’s also the matter of whether or not you own a gas or electric oven and stove, with gas ovens and stoves usually lasting longer, specifically by up to fifteen years. Electric ranges, on the other hand, can last up to thirteen years. However, maintenance is ultimately the key to ensuring you get the most out of your oven and stove’s lifespan.

Fridge And Freezer

Where fridges and freezers are concerned, their longevity is also dependent on maintenance. For this reason, it’s important that you know what kind of fridge you are most willing to maintain. The five types of fridges to choose from are the side-by-side fridge/freezer, top or bottom freezer drawers that accompany a fridge, French door fridges, and mini-fridges. Once you know which kind of fridge and freezer you are most willing to do upkeep for, make sure to find one that’s the ideal brand. Ten years is usually the shortest amount of time a fridge or freezer can last, but if you stick to a consistent and thorough maintenance routine, it might be able to last longer.


Microwaves are the major appliance with the shortest lifespan of anywhere from five to ten years. However, that depends on what kind of microwave you invest in and how much work you put into maintaining it.

how to choose kitchen appliances


Dishwashers have a longer lifespan than microwaves. However, the most energy-efficient models tend to last up to nine years, which is still longer than a microwave. Of course, the best way to make the most out of this appliance’s lifespan is through regular maintenance.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements?

As stated above, regularly maintaining your appliances is the best way to maximize their utility. Regardless of the brand or style of an appliance, knowing how to choose kitchen appliances also comes with knowing how to take care of them. Here are some essential maintenance practices for your major kitchen appliances:

Oven And Stove

Ovens and stoves require regular cleaning. If anything spills during cooking, you’ll want to clean up that mess immediately because it sticks or becomes harder to remove. Every six months is the ideal rate at which you should deep-clean your oven and stove. To reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll need to deal with, make sure to use these items safely and responsibly.

Fridge And Freezer

For a full clean-up and maintenance treatment, the fridge and freezer should be attended to twice a year. However, the moment you notice any issues with your fridge and freezer, perform maintenance right away and troubleshoot as needed. It’s absolutely important to stay on top of the seals and coils for these appliances, as they can make or break their functionality.


Microwaves require cleaning at least once a month. This includes wiping down the inside, degreasing it, and not slamming it shut. If there are any stains in your microwave, clean them right away.


Finally, your dishwasher should also be cleaned at least once a month as a preventative measure against clogging. This includes checking out the filter and the drain hose.

Our Technicians Can Help With Any Kitchen Appliance!

Not only do you know how to choose kitchen appliances, but you also know what to expect when you own them. However, even with our best efforts, our kitchen appliances will sometimes run into problems that require professional assistance. If you find yourself in need of said professional assistance, contact us at Appliance Repair Kingwood today!

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