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Tips for Maintaining a Refrigerator to Prevent Future Cooling Problems

Life would be pretty challenging without a refrigerator. We would struggle to preserve leftovers and keep perishables from spoiling. Luckily, practically every home has a refrigerator to ensure we never have these problems.

This appliance diligently works to keep our Continue reading

Potential Causes of a Refrigerator That Won’t Cool

Everything can be going well in life for you; your plans are set for an upcoming vacation, the sun is shining brightly, and you’re in good health. But all of this harmony can shatter when a problem suddenly appears. This Continue reading

Troubleshooting A Refrigerator With A Clogged Drain Tube

Your refrigerator is the secret to your perishable items lasting as long as they do. That’s why it’s very troubling when your refrigerator is unable to function properly. There are many potential problems a refrigerator can face. One of these Continue reading

Fixing A Faulty Refrigerator Thermostat

A refrigerator thermostat helps you stay on top of the internal condition of one of your biggest kitchen appliances. Without this device, you’d be making guesses as to whether or not your refrigerator is properly preserving your food. That said, Continue reading

Simplify Laundry Care With All-in-One Washer Dryer Combos

Although some people think laundry day is therapeutic, most people dread it. This day is spent sorting, washing, drying, and folding clothes in a seemingly never-ending cycle. This task can be time-consuming and tiresome, but it is a necessary chore. Continue reading

How Portable Washing Machines Reduce Water and Energy Consumption

It’s becoming increasingly evident just how much our actions impact the environment every day. Unintentionally, we’re adding to the problem, whether we’re wasting water or burning through energy. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce our water and energy consumption, Continue reading

A Guide To Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

A functioning refrigerator can be the difference between whether or not you’re able to feed yourself. For this reason, keeping up with refrigerator maintenance is of the utmost importance. This maintenance involves staying on top of the many parts of Continue reading

Why Is My Fridge Not Cooling?

Does the air coming out of your fridge feel a bit warmer than usual? Are some of the items in your fridge going bad much faster? Do you feel like you’re going crazy asking yourself, “Why is my fridge not Continue reading

How Long Do Dishwashers Last

Are you planning a dishwasher replacement? Understanding the lifespan of a dishwasher can help homeowners budget for a replacement in the future. With this information, you also won’t have to deal with your dishwasher breaking down suddenly and unexpectedly and Continue reading

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace Washing Machine?

As much as we wish washing machines could last forever and never require any repairs, replacing and repairing home appliances like washing machines are a reality. However, it all comes down to the question of whether to repair or replace Continue reading