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Potential Causes of a Refrigerator That Won’t Cool

Everything can be going well in life for you; your plans are set for an upcoming vacation, the sun is shining brightly, and you’re in good health. But all of this harmony can shatter when a problem suddenly appears. This problem just so happens to be your refrigerator malfunctioning.

Typically, when you open the fridge, you expect a refreshing blast of cool air to hit you in the face, but instead, you’re met with lukewarm disappointment. A fridge that won’t cool is not just an inconvenience; it’s like losing money as your food’s freshness is ripped away from you. But before you let despair take over, let’s get to the bottom of this annoyance. In this blog, we’ll unveil the potential causes of a refrigerator that won’t cool. Continue reading so you can save the day and get back to enjoying your well-deserved refreshments.

Potential Causes of a Refrigerator That Won't Cool

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Potential Causes of a Refrigerator That Won’t Cool

To uncover the potential causes of a refrigerator that won’t cool, continue reading:

Dirty Condenser Coils

When you’re taking a sip of that refreshingly cold lemonade from your fridge, you’re not thinking about why this is possible. You’re not thinking, “Thankfully, my fridge’s condenser coils are doing their job so I can enjoy this lemony goodness.” Out of sight, out of mind, which is why many people neglect to maintain this essential aspect of their refrigerator.

When overlooked, these coils will collect dust and debris over time, reducing their efficiency. A simple cleaning session with a vacuum or a coil brush can ensure that your fridge stays cool. Show your coils some love every now and then, and they’ll reciprocate that sentiment by keeping your drinks and food chillier than ever.

Fan Failure

One of the common culprits behind why a refrigerator no longer has that cool breeze is due to fan failure. Your refrigerator’s fans ensure proper airflow for efficient cooling, but when they stop working, trouble begins. The temperature inside your fridge will rise, jeopardizing the freshness of your food. Check if the fans are running smoothly to see if this is the cause of your problems. If they are not, a replacement might be in order.

Blocked Air Vents

The coils and fan work together, acting as the circulatory system of a refrigerator. But the air vents are like the lungs of the appliance. If they become blocked, your fridge’s cooling efficiency takes a hit. That cool air flowing freely will no longer maintain the optimal temperature to keep your foods and drinks cool.

This is why you should avoid over-packing or crowding any food items, so your vents can do their job effectively. Take a peek inside your fridge and make sure nothing is obstructing the air circulation. A little breathing room goes a long way toward keeping your fridge cool.

Defective Compressor

None of this would be possible without the heart of your refrigerator—the compressor. This vital component pumps refrigerant to cool your food, ensuring a comfortable environment for your edibles. So you can imagine that when this malfunctions, your refrigerator’s cooling capability takes a significant hit. You can tell if your compressor is struggling by listening to clicking sounds or loud vibrations. A compressor replacement might be necessary to give your fridge a new lease on life.

Potential Causes of a Refrigerator That Won't Cool

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There are many potential causes of a refrigerator that won’t cool. Hopefully, this blog has shed light on some of the common culprits and how to resolve them. With the knowledge above, you will know the problem at hand and how to take the necessary steps to rectify it. If you find yourself facing other appliance problems, you have the assistance of Appliance Repair Kingwood to depend on. Simply give our team a call, and we can ensure your appliance problems become a thing of the past.

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